Thursday 25 August 2016

East Coast Exotic Car Show

Giving back to your community is not always on our radar.
Life seems to carry us away like a speeding train, and we sometimes find it hard to step off.

On August 20th, the East Coast Exotic Car Show was taking place in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Though I’m doing well in my role as a “starving artist”, I saw it as an opportunity to give back, in that my art could help raise funds for this worthy cause.

My framed art donation – 
1964 Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 250LM sketch

On the Friday evening before the event, there was a VIP reception with a live fundraising auction. I donated an original framed artwork, and that netted $750!

The next day during the show, I volunteered to live-sketch 2 of the cars, with the owners commissioning me, and giving the organization a donation of $1000 per sketch.

Photo © Terry Miller 2016

Photo © Susan Kerslake 2016

It all worked very well, with me sketching a lovely yellow Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 and a striking purple Porsche GT3 RS.

There was an impressive assortment of exotic cars, lots of eye candy for the spectators, including the Porsche 919 Hybrid racer and a BMW M1! Many of cars there were loaned in support of the event by Maritime Provinces car owners!

A lot of people stopped to chat while I sketched away, which made it an even more enjoyable day for me.

It’s very satisfying to know that you can make a difference for children in need and their families.


Murray Dewhurst said...

Nice work Paul, love that 250LM! said...

Thanks kindly, Murray, it went to a go cause!