Wednesday 22 December 2010

All the Season's Best!

It’s a joyful time, but as we gather together with family and friends to celebrate, it’s also a time to fondly reflect on those who are no longer with us, and raise a glass to their memory.
I want to wish all my wonderful family and friends all the very best!
Happy Holidays!

Monday 20 December 2010

Historic Car Art gallery

For almost a year now, I've have been represented in the UK by Historic Car Art.

It has been a huge honour for me that my work should be chosen by this prestigious professional gallery, and the experience has been very rewarding and fruitful.

They not only carry fine art and limited editions, but also original vintage racing posters.

They really are the very best!

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Photographer Dirk de Jager

In my growth in the world of racing history, I’ve come across some very talented photographers, one of which is Belgian Dirk de Jager.

Photo by © Massimo Delbo
I took notice of his work because it has a special quality to it that sets it apart. And Dirk will go out of his way to get that special shot.
Aston Martin DB2/4, this car was ordered new in 1955 by King Boudewijn of Belgium 
© Dirk de Jager

Though his parents were involved in racing before he was born, the family continued to visit the tracks till he was 10 years old. He had picked up a Pentax when he was six, so racing and car photos were a natural result.
Bugatti Type 46 Veth & Zoon 
© Dirk de Jager

There was brief detour into computers when he was a teen, leading a computer job.
But the lull of the track was too strong, and he was back at the photography for Insight F1 covering Formule Renault 2 litre, F3 and Formula Renault 3.5 litre (World Series by Renault) in the Dutch, German and European Championships.
The new Jaguar XJ Supersport
© Dirk de Jager

By 2003, Dirk was working for, and at the same time, was a contributor to World in Red, the French Ferrari yearbook, Altas Prestaciones (Spain) and La Strada (Holland).
The most famous car in the world, Aston Martin DB5 James Bond, recently sold for $5 million USD
© Dirk de Jager

In 2008, Dirk established his own company. Since then, his photography has seen light in Octane (UK), Red Racing Green (Belgium), Het Automobiel Klassieker (Holland), Classic Motorsport (USA) magazines, not to mention Autoweek and Carros (Holland), with upcoming features Hotrod (USA), RuoteClassiche (Italy), Art of Living (Holland) and again in Octane. Work has also come from auction houses such as Bonhams, RM and Articurial.

Dirk’s reputation for quality is well known, so he is being sought out.
The recreation of Ferrari 156F1 Sharknose, shot at the old part of Spa Francorchamps (public road)
© Dirk de Jager

“This year, I've received some magazine-commissioned work as well, where they just said we want that car, go find it and shoot it. That's also one of the big thrills of course, the hunt for a car and managing to "acquire" the car for a shoot.”

So if you find yourself at a top-notch international automotive event, look around for the most interesting venue; you’ll probably find Dirk there too!

Thursday 9 December 2010

Club Artistes Auto

Belgian artist and friend Nicolas Cancelier thought that we should start an international group of automotive artists who like to chat, exchange ideas, exhibit their art together, and share a meal after events.

© Nicolas Cancelier

I thought it was a wonderful idea, thus Club Artist Auto (CAA) was formed. Both artists Anna-Louise Felstead of the UK and Rick Rucker of the USA joined us in founding the group.

© Anna-Louise Felstead

Along the way, other artists who are enthusiastic about our new group have supported us. Dutch artist Ronald Hulleman kindly translated our brochure to Dutch. American artist Greg Spradlin of jumped in to provide CAA a website and email link.

© Rick Rucker

The goal of the members of this group is to be there and to be part of it, and all these artists exemplify perfectly what this group is about.

© Ronald Hulleman

The potential for CAA members is huge; this is the only truly international group of automotive artists!

© Greg Spradlin

We are all volunteers, so portfolio revues can’t happen right away. But as we get rolling, I know we will a major force in the market, the go-to group for quality automotive art.

© Paul Chenard