Thursday 11 October 2012

Spa 6 Hours Classic 2012

After our long weekend at the fabulous Goodwood Revival as vendors, Nicolas Cancelier and I went to the Spa 6 Hour Classic race as spectators.

I absolutely love going to that event on such a historic track. The countryside is beautiful, and the track is very challenging. The sights and sounds are amazing!

Sports Car Digest has done a feature on the races that weekend; you can read them here:

Last year at the same event, my camera died, and I've yet to replace it. I've thought of my roll as an artist, and decided to do at least one sketch at each event, instead of photography.

Lola T70
Pen&ink, paint markers and markers on gray archival stock © Paul Chenard 2012

This time, I set up behind a friend Jason's beautiful Lola T70, and sketched the exposed V-8 and it's sinewy headers and exhaust pipes, and trumpeting brake-cooling ducts.

Photos can never really compare to live art ...


ugo capeto said...

Cool free-hand sketch. what are those pipes that come straight up next to the wheels? Brake cooling ducts? said...

Thanks very much, Ugo.
Yes, those are brake-cooling ducts.
It's amazing that such a beautiful piece of metal sculpture can carry so much power.