Tuesday 15 November 2011

Racing History Greeting Cards

Recent, I decided to develop some greeting card sets for sale.

There are 5 different themes available:
1) Sports/GT Cars of the Early 60's  © Paul Chenard 2011

2) Ferrari 156 F1 "Sharknose"  © Paul Chenard 2011

3) 1934 Grand Prix Season  © Paul Chenard 2011

4) Grand Prix Engines of the 1950's  © Paul Chenard 2011

5) Hawthorn's Race Cars  © Paul Chenard 2011

There are 4 different illustrations per set, with 3 of each illustration, with descriptions on the back, 12 in all; envelopes are included.
Each set sells for $30 CDN plus shipping and applicable taxes. Please contact me at paul.chenard@hotmail.com to order.

There a little something for everyone!


Art Tidesco said...

Eminently collectable IMHO :-) Hope these are going like hot cakes !

Greeting Cards said...

Wow! Love these GT designs! My favorite is the Ferrari 156. Such a classic. Is there a design on the back of these greeting cards? Great work! Love the illustrated look, too.

Automobiliart.com said...

At the back of each card, there is information about the front content of the card, plus my contact info.
I'm glad you like them.