Monday 20 September 2010

Avus Formule Libre Race 1934

Enzo Ferrari was looking for an advantage over the sleek machines of Mercedes and Auto Union at the Formule Libre race at Avus in Berlin on May 24th, 1934.

Pen&ink, markers and pencil on white archival stock 12"x 9"
© Paul Chenard 2010
Original sketch available, as is the limited edition.

The banked Avus track was known for it’s high speed, so Ferrari commissioned Cesare Pallavicino from the Breda Aircraft Company to design a streamline body for one of the Alfa Romeo P3’s. “Guy” Moll would drive this special “Aerodinamica” for Scuderia Ferrari.

Before the race, the Mercedes W25’s were withdrawn with fuel pump problems. With rain falling at the start of the race, the Auto Union Type-A of Hans Stuck quickly took the lead.

As the rain stopped and the track dried, Moll started catching the leaders. He passed teammates Varzi, then Chiron, who later dropped out with a broken oil pipe. He then took the lead from Stuck, who lasted only two more laps before his clutch failed.

With almost a minute and a half lead over the second place Varzi, Moll took the race, much to the chagrin of the Stuck’s hometown crowd.

Sadly, this fine driver lost his life at the Coppa Acerbo in August of the same season.

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