Wednesday 13 January 2010

Bois de Boulogne - September 9, 1945

This sketch shows Jean-Pierre Wimille in a Bugatti Type 50B 4.7 L on his way to winning the first European post-war race, la "Coupe des Prisonniers", held in Paris.

The race was organized by Maurice Mestivier, the energetic president of the AGACI (Association Générale Automobile des Coureurs Indépendants) in honour of French prisoners and the missing of the war.

Prismacolor pencils & sticks on archival dark-gray stock, 12"x 9"
© Paul Chenard 2010

Private Collection


Jeffery Blackwell said...

Well, there's so much to say about this piece of art.

Fantastic, Paul.

The angle of each wheel, the gloss on the tires. Perfect.

I'll just say that I love the lettering and the way you've simulated the light source. Beautiful.

Melinda Stanley said...

Hey Paul!

Thanks for getting in touch. Absolutely LOVE your work! Beauutiful examples of traditional media! I could eat your tones and textures with a spoon :D (Oh no, was that over the line? haha) Seriously though, congrats on your recent achievements with getting your stuff published. You obviously deserve the success! :)

Thanks again for letting me know about my magazine and for directing me to your site! Incredible work!