Monday 17 August 2009

Pedro and Ricardo Rodriguez – Mexican Racing Heroes

It’s a somewhat quieter time in the Summer, and this also applies to buying (or selling) stuff on Ebay.
I was searching for racing history items, when I came across two original art pieces. With no one bidding, they were easy to pick up.

They are wonderful portraits of the Mexican racing Rodriguez brothers, Ricardo and Pedro, rendered by Mexican artist Rodolfo Federico Antonio Fraga.

The 10” x 15” artworks are beautiful likenesses of the brothers, who are still very much revered in their home country.

Sadly, Ricardo was killed racing a Ferrari 156 in the 1962 Mexican Grand Prix, and Pedro was killed racing a Ferrari 512M at the Norisring in Nuremburg, Germany.

Though Ricardo died very young, Pedro continued, racing in Formula 1 (winning 2 races) and raced the World Championship of Makes, becoming a two-time World Champion (1970, 1971) at the wheel of a Wyer-Gulf-Porsche Porsche 917.

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