Tuesday 4 November 2008

Mille Miglia 1954 - Ascari's fans

Pencil on archival white paper, digitally colorized 12"x 9"
© Paul Chenard 2008

Son of a famous Italian racing hero Antonio Ascari, two-time World Champion Alberto Ascari moved to the Lancia Racing Team from Ferrari for 1954, but the Lancia's Formla 1 cars were under-developed, and not really in contention.

Ascari did find success in the well-developed D24 sports car, winning the grueling Mille Miglia (Thousand Mile) race.

In the following year, the Lancia D50 Formula 1 was again raced by Ascari, but retired in the 2 first races. In fact, he lost control and ended up in Monaco Harbour in that Grand Prix.

Four days later, he was killed testing a Ferrari Monza sports car; Italy lost another one of it's great racers. He died at the age of 36, like his father.


3VOR said...

lo sai che apprezzo il tuo lavoro, perchè non crei qualche tua opera inerente la F1 moderna?
(scusa la traduzione pessima)

you know that I appreciate your work, why not create your work somehow related to modern F1?
(excuse the bad translation)

Automobiliart.com said...

I am getting ready to do a Lewis Hamilton/Graham Hill British Monaco win celebration illustration.

3VOR said...

Grazie, anche se preferivo qualcosa di Rosso, tipo Ferrari :)

Automobiliart.com said...

Thanks, even if I preferred something of Red, Ferrari type :)