Wednesday 22 October 2008

Collector Cards - World on Wheels

Recently, I picked up an interesting set of vehicle cards.

World on Wheels Card No.2

They were published in 1953-54 by the American company Topps in a 160-card set under the title "World on Wheels". They later added 20 more cards, and featured it as a 180-card set; I guest these have blue+black printing on the back and are rarer and more valuable.

The sets included a fairly eclectic mix of vehicles, including passenger cars, sports cars, race cars, buses, commercial vehicles, and military vehicles.

I acquired 17 sports car/race car cards. I haven't finished scanning them, but I thought I'd show off a few of them.

World on Wheels Card No.23

World on Wheels Card No.110

World on Wheels Card No.38

World on Wheels Card No.43

World on Wheels Card No.35

World on Wheels Card No.30


993C4S said...


Very cool. Don't kill me, but I think these would make awesome drink coasters!!! I imagine their too expensive however to use in such a disparaging way. :-)o

Anonymous said...

I have a photo of the Cummins Diesel Indy racer here. You'll note the non-resemblance.

--chuck said...

Actually, there are a few different Cummins Diesel Indy Racers.
The one one the card is the 1952 version, and the one in your photo is the 1950 version.
There is even a 1931 version!