Monday 24 November 2008

The K8 is Back on Track

My New Zealand friend Peter Leversedge revived his 1949 K8 in time to participate in the 50th of the Christchurch Speedway Association Inc, which operates the Ruapuna Park Speedway.

This is a shot of Peter's friend Brenda and her dog Poppy sitting in the famous K8. It's just great to have the historic racer running again, after an 8 year lull. Peter had No.77 (the K8) on display on Saturday (Nov 15th) and then did some track time on Sunday. Bravo to you, Pete!

Peter has raced a great variety of cars, including a Lotus 18 FJ, a 260M Zephyr Special, and a "RAM" sprint car. He was New Zealand Beach Racing Champion for 1970, '72 and'73, racing No.77. Racing obviously runs through his blood.

Below is Peter racing No.77 in the day ... I love those drifts!

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