Monday 10 November 2008

Dinky #108 MG Midget Competition

I just picked up a nice 1950's Dinky racer. Though it was in nice played-with condition, it unfortunately had a broken windshield.

I looked at the replacement windshields available on the web and saw that they were of very poor quality. I decided to make my own.

I carefully removed the old one, and drew out a pattern to follow when cutting out a new one.

I'm including a copy of that pattern, along with a scale for proper sizing. I taped the pattern to a cutting board, and taped a piece of acrylic on top. I then carefully cut out the acrylic with many small light cuts.

Once I cut out, I did some light filing and sanding to smooth out the edges. Putting the new one in place is a bit tricky, but it worked beautifully.

See for yourself. Voila!


Anonymous said...

Looks good, BUT...

Somebody racing a real MG TF would fold the windscreen down. ;) said...

I actually think the previous owner tried that! ;)

rob ijbema said...

played with dinkys look so much better than mint boxed ones...

you did a great job on the screen,it looks brand new,maybe to good?

send it over to me and my boys will match that screen with the car,hehe