Tuesday 18 November 2008

Distinct Gift Idea – 1950’s Grand Prix Engines

Maserati 250F - Italy
© Paul Chenard 2008

Mercedes W196 - Germany
© Paul Chenard 2008

Talbot-Lago T26C - France
© Paul Chenard 2008

Vanwall 2.5L - England
© Paul Chenard 2008

Pencil and Prismacolor pencil on coloured paper 12"x9"

Grand Prix race cars of the 1950’s were interesting pieces of rolling engineering.

The French used the best bits of straightforward, tried and true racing technology for their racers, somewhat short of funding. The Germans developed highly engineered and tested machines; the British experimented with new technology and approaches, but were not always fully sorted. And the Italians pushed old technology to the full extent of its development, and always with flair.

National pride drove them all to push for the utmost in their machines, and they all carried their Nation’s colours into the melee; the Italian red, the British green, the French blue and the German silver.

Automobiliart.com offers a series of illustrations of 50’s Grand Prix Racing engines in International Racing Colours. There is the 1957 Maserati 250F in red, the 1956 Mercedes W196 in gray/silver, the 1950 Talbot-Lago T26C in blue and the 1957 Vanwall in green.

The series is available as limited edition premium archival Giclee prints, 14.5'x 11' (image size 12'x 9'), signed and numbered to a limit of 100 of each. The suggested retail price is $125 USD each plus shipping/handling, or all 4 for $445 USD plus shipping/handling.

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rob ijbema said...

love them paul
the sharp engines against the soft country body colors,very nicely done...
btw sseing the mercedes,found an old autosport mag from 1955 in the trash today...mint condition,the one when Moss finshed ahead of fangio in the mercs