Saturday 10 December 2011

Beautiful Auto Union die cast racers

Recently, I was contacted by Dutch gentleman Paul Schilperoord about a collection of 1/43 German die cast Auto Union toys. He was looking for any support information that I could provide on these little gems, which he had picked up in Germany.
Paul is a writer and he came across the collection while researching his book:

He's done a blog post on these Auto Union toys; you can read it here:

As a longtime collector of vintage racing toys, I have to say that these are rare and stunning!

The most stunning aspect of these circa 1947 Zamac-cast racers is that some of them are clearly painted in matte military paint! This is highly unusual, and the first time that I've seen it. There are 5 colours in all, and three of those are matte.

If you are interested in acquiring one or more of these rare toys, contact Paul directly at

You won't be disappointed.


Michael Spengler said...

Dear Paul, after more than a year I started finally my own blog with an article about these KBKs. Sorry the article is written in German. There are a lot of things to tell about this unknown manufacturer and later I will continue this first article with a second. Here is my blog address:

Kind regards
Michael said...

Dear Michael
I look forward to reading your blog on these.
After I posted this, Paul S. found a 6th rarer colour, matt light blue, so I now have one of those also.
I hope to track down more colour varieties, like the dark green and the yellow.