Tuesday 1 February 2011

Jaguar E-Type 50th Anniversary

The sports car that some consider the most alluring in the world is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year.

The late Malcolm Sayer’s stunning design completely wowed the public and the media at it’s launch in 1961; even Enzo Ferrari called it “ the most beautiful car in the world.”

The E-Type’s looks, cost, and performance were completely unmatched in it’s day, and it still easily draws a crowd today.

Pen&ink and Prismacolor pencils on green archival paper
© Paul Chenard 2011

Historic Car Art has asked me to create an artwork to honour the E-Type; it will be presented at Race Retro in late February.

Limited editions of this piece are also available.


chuck Goolsbee said...

Indeed. One of the most wonderful aspects of driving an E-type anywhere is how it breaks down social barriers INSTANTLY. Everywhere I stop, people come over and chat with me. They tell stories about fathers, uncles, etc that had one. Or how they always wanted one, etc. I've taken many long-distance road trips in my E-type and have experienced this impact countless times. I'm joining many other E-type enthusiasts for a drive around the desert southwest this september to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Should be a blast.

Automobiliart.com said...

Hey Chuck
Thanks for send in your note.
You're confirming what you've all guessed ... that it's a great car to have and to drive.
Heck, I think even I could look cool driving in an E-Type, as long as I stay seated in front of its steering wheel. As I walk away, my cool-meter would probably tank ...
That is the coolest car.

Art Tidesco said...

Lovely rendition of a staggeringly beautiful car, the penny hadn't dropped that it was the 50th anniversary Paul thanks for the timely reminder :-)

I have never owned an E-type but when I worked at a Honda Dealers in London cleaning cars during a college holiday I did get to drive one of the last 50 black V12 convertibles on a couple of occasions, going down to the petrol station has never been so much fun, before or since !

Wayne Estrada said...

The largest gathering of E-Types in the USA is March 25-27 in Richmond,VA held in conjunction with the 2011 national Jaguar Club (JCNA) annual meeting. Special speaker and guest NORMAN DEWIS, legendary E-Type test driver for Jaguar Cars will be presiding. A not to be missed event for Jaguar enthusiasts and E-Type owners. See XKExperience.com for details and to register. Limited space still available.

Automobiliart.com said...

Hey Wayne
Is the sketch at least OK?