Monday 7 December 2009

Classic and Sports Car - December Motoring Art feature

Last December, Classic & Sports Car did a feature on my vintage racing automobilia.

This December, they have followed it up with a nice feature on my racing history art.

As you can see, Mick Walsh has done a nice job in the writing, and their designer has created a stunning layout.

I'm so very proud to be featured in such a fine classic car magazine which promotes racing art such as mine.


Dayle's Painted Diary-Dayle Dodwell said...

Paul this looks wonderful.

Miha said...

Congrats for the article, it looks fantastic ;).

Klaas said...

Paul this is surely good news for you, I featured your blog in the links section at
Maybe this will add in becoming known in Europe.
Keep up the good work!

Jeff Blackwell said...

As you know, Paul, I am huge fan. Congratulations.

Well deserved.