Friday 6 November 2009

Car companies come and go …

With the current instability in the automobile industry, it’s easy to forget that it has happened before. Lots of companies disappeared during the first World War, and the stock-market crash of 1929, not to mention WWII.

I found a 2-page spread from English publication Modern Boys Book of Hobbies circa 1937 that shows the brand logos of the car companies that existed at the time.

A very few still exist, but most are long gone …


Jeffery Blackwell said...

Paul - Thanks for posting these! I had never seen some of them.

Knowing you're a graphic designer, I thought you migh enjoy this post I found on how some major car logos evolved over the company's history.

I also like making photos of some of the real metal ones. said...

Thanks for the feedback.
And thanks for the link; I also have a great Communication Arts (March/April 1987) feature on the origins of car logos.
I love your emblem photos ... lots of texture.

Thomas Chacko said...

You've produced some fantastic graphic art.
You should consider emblazoning high quality T-shirts with such art and market them online. Keep it exclusive and bring out limited editions
Thomas said...

Thanks very much Thomas.
I did up one t-shirt design from a sketch:
Yesterday, I met a new silkscreen shop owner in preparation for a new t-shirt illustration based on Can-Am racing, possibly a series. Fun, fun, fun ...