Tuesday 6 October 2009

François Cevert 1944-1973

Born in 1944, François Cevert (née Goldenberg) was a well-liked and talented French Formula 1 and Sports/GT driver.

He began his motorsports career on two wheels, but switched to Formula 3 in 1966. In 1968, Cevert took the French Formula 3 Championship.

For 1969, Cevert moved up to Formula 2, and finished third in the Championship. While in F2, his capabilities captured the notice of (Sir) Jackie Stewart, who encouraged Ken Tyrrell to consider Cevert for the team. Tyrrell took his advice and signed Cevert up for 1970.

Original in Prismacolor pencils on mid-gray stock
© Paul Chenard 2009

Limited edition of 50 Giclee prints 11"x 14.5" (27.9 cm x 36.8 cm) available.

Over the next four seasons, Stewart and Cevert became fast friends, through the wins and the losses. Stewart became Formula 1 Drivers World Champion in 1971, with Cevert winning the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen and taking third place overall.

The team did poorly in 1972 against a powerful Team JPS (Lotus) but came back strongly in 1973. Stewart won the Championship, and was expecting to be replaced by his friend Cevert for the next season, as he had decided to retire at the season’s closing.

Cevert’s year had been very good too, with six 2nd place finishes, but in the very last race of the year at Watkins Glen on October 6th, his Tyrrell 006 crashed horribly during Saturday morning qualifying, and this shining star with the striking blue eyes was extinquished.

This talented and popular pianist and race car driver will never be forgotten by his fans and his peers.


Speeder76 said...

Thanks for droping by my blog. And I've seen your drawing of this wonderful man, and it's fantastic, to be honest. I have a sort of fixation for him, not only because of it's looks, but because of his story, his talent and the way how this story ended, which makes me sad.

For me is one of the "winless champions", like Ronnie Peterson, Stirling Moss and Gilles Villenuve. And yeah, I have a fixation for this kind of pilots: very talented, but fate didn't fufill goal of being world champions.

And this blog is great! I'll try to come here more often.

Greetings from Portugal, from another racing fan!

Automobiliart.com said...

Obrigado, Speeder_76, your comments are very much appreciated.

I can relate to what you are saying, about the racers who are not with us very long, but who shine very brightly while they are here ...