Sunday 24 March 2013

Atlas Editions Dinkys

A few weeks ago, a gentleman from Germany named Manni contacted me.

Manni saw through Facebook that I was a collector of vintage racing automobilia, including toys.

He asked if I had any pointers I could give him in starting a toy collection. At the same time, he asked if I knew of the re-creation Dinky toys sold through Editions Atlas Collections.

I put together a little note of pointers together, and at the same mentioned that I ever heard of these Dinky re-creations.

This past Friday, a package arrived from Manni, containing the Editions Atlas Auto Union #23D!!! How incredibly generous!

I have the original pre-war Dinky Auto Union, and the Atlas version compares very favorably to it. What I like is that the Atlas version is not an exact copy, but is actually a new casting.

It also includes a lovely "Dinky" re-creation box, a certificate of authenticity, and a nice German brochure detailing the history of the car.

I’ve looked them up and there are more racecars in the Atlas line-up, but they don’t seem to be readily available. I’m certainly going to try to get more of these lovely diecasts.

Danke, Manni!

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