Monday 1 October 2012

The Goodwood Revival 2012

Another year older and deeper in debt, as the song goes ...

Going to the Revival as a vendor is not for the financially faint-hearted, especially if you are from outside Europe.

Wonderful British artist and friend Anna-Louise Felstead graced us with her presence.

That said, it’s a 3-day 13-hour-per-day adrenaline rush of sights, sounds, contacts made, art sold, friendships renewed, experiences shared … a very hard combination to resist.

We were visited by Mrs Carroll Shelby, a lovely warm-hearted person ... a huge honour for us.

My friend Belgian automotive artist Nicolas Cancelier and took another “leap of faith” and returned as vendors again.

Nicolas and I working on our art in the open
Photo © Matt Jacques

There were numerous changes in the event organization this year which directly hurt our sales. On the positive side, new contacts and relationships nurtured have a direct result of the hatching of large interesting projects with interesting people.

While at the Revival, I met Mrs. Carroll Shelby, Mr. and Mrs. Henri Pescarolo, Rowan Atkinson, Tony Brooks, Jean Alesi, Sir Stirling and Lady Susie Moss and Murray Walker.

We also met some wonderful artists and business owners.

The next few months will be very telling, but for the optimist in me, things are looking bright indeed.


ugo capeto said...

Wow, cool. Do you have time to draw during the event with so many cars around, or there's just no time? said...

Dear Ugo
Thanks very much.
When you have a vendor booth at an event, it's not really a good idea to wander around, so I sketched at our booth with Nico.
At Spa a week later, I was there as a spectator, so I did do a sketch of Jason Wright Lola T70.