Wednesday 2 March 2011

Artist Nicolas Cancelier

In the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet all kinds of people with the same passion for art and motor sports history as I have.

One of these is Belgian artist Nicolas Cancelier. 

His artwork is absolutely stunning, and it ranges from simple pencils sketches to mixed media, acrylic, watercolour, and oils.

The energy and life he brings to his subjects is masterful, whatever medium he chooses.

In the past year, we’ve become very good friends, and we’ve decided to share vendor space at the very prestigious Goodwood Revival in September. I hope that if you are there, that you’ll drop in and see us.

You can see Nicolas’ work on his website and his blog. Very much worth a look!


Art Tidesco said...

Are you personally coming to the UK for the revival Paul ? said...

Yes, Nicolas and I are sharing a vendor booth at the Goodwood Revival. Please visit us there.

Rick Swain said...

We just got our airline tickets so the trip is a go. We'll see you at Goodwood.

Simon O'D said...

Nic has done some very good work & I do wonder if he is rather busy at this time. As my Computer blew a Gasket (so to speak) I cannot recall his private address, but I have always been both PASSIONATE & also CRITICAL. Nic appreciates any details to improve himself & perhaps that is why I like his work so much..DRIVEN TO PERFECTION.

Ethan Ford said...

Nic is an amazing artist, inspirational! I always look for inspiration from fellow artists which also includes yourself. Many thank, Ethan

Anonymous said...

I wish you a great success for Goodwood Revival.
Best regards.

Jean-Marie Guivarc'h said...

Merci, Jean-Marie!
It's certainly a grand adventure for us both.
I hope that we'll see you there.