Friday 18 June 2010

Le Mans 1972 - French colours

I’ve been illustrating for a few years (since the Summer of 2006), but I as yet don’t have a studio; I do most of my art on the dining room table.

We just finished redecorating, which included repainting our living room, dining room, and kitchen.

I started thinking about doing a painting, but I can't really afford artists materials; the paints, brushes and canvas. So I went out and bought some brushes, and decided to use our leftover house paint on a piece of leftover premium plywood. Because I don't have a studio, I did it on my hands and knees on the basement floor in our little junk room with the washer and dryer ... cozy! This is my very FIRST painting!

41.5"x 18.5" (105.4cm x 46.8cm), latex paint on plywood
© Paul Chenard 2010

My painting features the winning Matra-Simca MS670 #15 of Henri Pescarolo and Graham Hill, followed by the second place MS670 #14 of François Cevert and Howden Ganley. The third Matra-Simca is the MS660C #16 of Jean-Pierre Jabouille and David Hobbs.

A friend in Scotland didn't believe is was done in house paint, so I created this paint key ...

The painting is available through Historic Car Art; limited edition prints are also available. It will be featured at the Le Mans Classic.


rob ijbema said...

there you go,its not what you use,its how you use it!
remarkable job paul,i hope you do more said...

Hi Rob
Thanks so much ... its good for me to know that it works.
I do have a new one in the works ... Villeneuve at Monaco 1981 ... easy subjects to get fired up about.