Thursday 13 May 2010

Monte Carlo Rallye tin toy - Part II

In late 2008, the Welby Toy Company of India found my blog, saw my illustration of the 1971 Monte Carlo Rallye, and that I was a graphic designer who collected vintage racing toys.

Prismacolor pencils on black archival stock 19"x 13.5" 
© Paul Chenard 2008

This print is available as limited signed/numbered edition of 15 (14.5''x 11'') premium archival Giclee prints for $150 USD each plus shipping. The original sketch is also available.

They asked me if I would like to design the packaging for a new re-creation windup tin racing toy they were going to produce. I, of course, said yes to such a special opportunity.

I used my illustration, and designed the packaging to their specifications. Once I had approval, I sent the digital files to Welby for printing. The story was written up last year in Design Edge magazine; you can read that feature here.

The toy has finally been produced, and Welby was kind enough to ship two examples to me. Wow! What a stunningly beautiful tin windup! They say it's a reproduction of a 1940 German toy made by Arnold, but the charming toy graphics indicate more 1958-60. Welby has done a beautiful job of it, and it works very very well.

You can never have too many toys!

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Jeffery Blackwell said...

What a cool thing! You are a one-man industry, my friend!

I want one of those toys... I went to their site, but couldn't find 'em there...