Tuesday 2 March 2010

Fangio goes to Spain ...

I recently have had growing orders for my art and my limited editions from the world over.

Just before Christmas, an order came in from an Englishman Tony, living in Spain. He ordered my Fangio – Maserati 250F limited edition for his best friend Peter’s birthday. Peter is a Fangio fan, and use to own and race a 250F.

Once the order came in and I packaged up the print, I decided to add a little sketch on the packaging that I referenced from an image of Peter racing that I found on the web. I then shipped it off to Spain.

I was thrilled to get this note from Tony:

Hi Paul,

As you can see, Peter is well. He thought the framed picture was superb and was extremely chuffed with the extra drawing you sent, his wife was speechless (for a change)

Once again, many thanks, you made his birthday one to remember.

Kind regards,


1 comment:

Jeffery Blackwell said...

I'll assume "chuffed" is a good thing, as who would not be thrilled to receive one of your drawings, Paul.