Friday 12 February 2010

My First Talk-Show Appearance ...

Just before Christmas, I was contacted by a Radio-Canada TV researcher about appearing on the French-language talk-show Luc et Luc, hosted by Luc Leblanc, to talk about my art. After a brief chat, she said she would call back to confirm.

Sure enough, she called back a few days later to confirm that I was scheduled to go to Moncton, New Brunswick, on January 6th for the shows taping.

My wife Lise and I left the afternoon of the 6th for the 2.5 hour drive to get to studio in time. Once there, I met the researcher for a briefing, and than the host Luc LeBlanc for introductions and going over interview notes. Everyone who worked on the show were extremely pleasant and professional, which helped me relax.

We sat to the side with the studio audience, and each waited our turn to be interviewed. It was very, very entertaining, with the host keeping the audience laughing, even when the cameras weren’t on … he’s a very funny guy.

My turn came up, and I can’t say I remember too much of what I said. Towards the end of the 6 minute interview, Luc had me do a sketch in front of the live studio audience ... it was stressful, and fun at the same time!

Prismcolor sticks (black & white) on 20"x 26" gray achival stock.
© Paul Chenard 2010
Luc LeBlanc Collection

After my interview, I finished the sketch and gave it the host as a gift. I was so distracted that I forgot to take a photo of it before we left. Last week, the host sent me a "thank you" card with a pic of me sketching during the interview, and over the weekend, he e-mailed a pic of the finished sketch … a very thoughtful guy!

The show will air by the end of March … I’m look forward to seeing it.


Jeffery Blackwell said...

Brilliant! Please post it on YouTube, Paul, and publish the link.

I really admire your ability to draw "live" with an audience. the thought terrifies me.

Nice sketch, too. said...

Thanks, Jeff.
Maybe I was scared, but I don't remember ... I do remember the little voice in my head saying "Don't screw up, don't screw up ..."
The show will run probably around the end of March ... I'll keep you posted.

rob ijbema said...

how exciting
amazing how you still managed to still draw such a great car portriait
well done paul! said...

Thanks very much, Rob, very appreciated.