Sunday 2 August 2009

An MG TF, Popular Mechanics, and the Look-off

A few weeks ago, I had a great visit from my friend Peter Felder, who drove over 1800 kms from Mississauga to visit me and see Nova Scotia.

We made our way to the Look-off near Canning so that Peter could get a stunning view of the fertile Annapolis Valley.

On our way there, something caught my eye in the form of an MG TF sticking out of the garage of Country Barn Antiques in Port Williams.

Of course we had to stop and take a look. Though the car was a little rough and tired, it was still quite nice to look at.

As we rummaged through the store, I found a gorgeous March 1929 issue of Popular Mechanics. It has a beautiful colour cover illustration of a land speed record car on the beach at Daytona, Florida. The feature article covers man’s quest for more speed. It’s a perfect addition to my collection …

We did finally escape to get to our destination, and to take in the breath-taking view.

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Dominic said...

Would you be willing to sell the March 1929 issue of popular mechanics? The company I work for, has an ad in there that I've been trying to obtain a copy of .

please let me know via email: