Monday 15 June 2009

Sir Jack Brabham - 50th Anniversary

Recently, I have been corresponding with Sir Jack Brabham, who is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his first of three F1 Driver's Championship wins. He suffers from kidney failure and is on dialysis; he lends his image and name to Australian Kidney Foundation, now Kidney Health Australia (KHA), for their fund-raising.

In his honour, I did a portrait featuring his wins. Though I will retain the image copyright world-wide, I decided to lend it, with unrestricted usage, to KHA for all and any of their fund-raising within Australia.

Pen & ink, and Prismacolor pencils on white archival stock

© Paul Chenard 2009

Available as a limited edition of 50 Giclee prints.

I emailed Sir Brabham for his approval of this idea, and at the same time, requested a quote related to the image that I could add directly to the piece.

A week and a half ago, he has emailed back his approval, copying KHA at the same time; he also gave me the requested quote!

KHA even emailed me their thanks, and the pleasure at being able to use the artwork. This is huge honour for me, with Sir Brabham's endorsement of my piece as a representative image for fund-raising.


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Congratulations, very nice! said...

Thanks, Jim, I'm very thrilled to support Sir Brabham's cause.