Thursday 19 June 2008

Mosport Vintage Racing Festival — June 20-22

A year ago this coming weekend, my son Laurent and I spent the weekend at the Mosport Vintage Racing Festival, celebrating 40 Years of Formula 1 as Mosport. This year, they celebrate 40 years of Can-Am at Mosport, with the featured mark being Lola, who are celebrating their 50th year.

Our dear friend Gary Grant, creator and scribe extraordinaire of The Garage Blog made our visit there as smooth as it could be for us Maritimers.

The noticeble lack of spectators for such an amazing racer-attended event hurt our sales, but that was made up by the amazing people I got to meet and can now proudly call my friends.

Though I couldn't really attend the races, having to stay at the booth, my son Laurent wandered high and low, taking stunning pics. I'm attaching some of his great work. Enjoy!

Dave Boon of Ottawa brought along his famous Hubley Bluenose Special; what a wonderful gentleman with a beautiful old racer.

Some of the more modern machinery was there too.

Brabham BT26

McLaren M26

Wolf WR1

Williams FW07

All photos © Laurent Chenard 2007

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