Friday, 13 August 2010

Chad Hiltz’s new custom creation

I had another wonderful visit last week from my friend Peter, and one of our road trips brought us right by customizer extraordinaire Chad Hiltz’s shop. Of course, we had to stop in.

While there, we had the great pleasure of meeting Chad’s lovely partner Mandy, and their visiting friend Donnie Brown. The visit did not disappoint, as Chad rolled out his latest creation.

Peter (left) and Donnie check out Chad's art

Wow, his new custom was striking, with its bold, low-down look, and prominent pipes, sound and looks calling to attention! He’s certainly followed up his “Bat Out of Hell” with a worthy heir.

Chad has new creations also in the works, so we will have to continue dropping in for some more optical stimulation …

Bravo Chad!


Jeff Blackwell said...

Wow. Da bomb. I don't know whether it's a natural part of the aging process, but I am starting to "get" hot rods. said...

I just received a great note from Mandy:
The new post is as wonderful as the first and thank you for taking the time to do it.
In Moncton at the Atlantic Nationals we won a top 25 award as well as an Outstanding Contribution to the Success of the Nationals award and was actually referred to as the next Gene Winfield which was really cool.
We had a photo-shoot with Canadian Hotrod mag and that will be coming out in Nov I believe. We also got a special invitation to an indoor show at the coliseum in April which I believe is a World of Wheels show. Woohoo! (quite an honour).
The headlights were from a '56 Ford, tailights from a '36 Ford, steering wheel from a '48 Chrysler, chopped 7", channeled 12", with the only seating options from a Massey-Harris, peaked, sectioned, fade away fenders, lathered with 87 Chev Russet Brown metallic paint and shaved.
Our car show is this weekend and we're excited and stressed, all at the same time. I'll let you know how we make out. Thanks again for everything you've done and we'll talk soon.

Art Tidesco said...

Looking at those tail pipes the other day I was sure I'd seen something like them before on a car that looked like the coolest 'vette I'd ever seen, unfortunately I was on my way to picking up my camera from the car at the time and of course, when I got back the cool 'vette had gone.

Yesterday catching up with some posts on one of my favourite TNF posts I was most surprised to see a photo of the afore mentioned cool 'vette.

I know zip about it and apologise I have not figured out how to post a link in this post but I hope you'll be justly rewarded for copying and pasting the following :-
BTW is Chad's car with a cool tail a runner with the windows open, strikes me one could find one's self quickly intoxicated by the output from those pipes ?